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The Miami-Dade Police Department extends two different types of accounts for our Off-Duty customers, temporary or permanent. These accounts are distinguished by the extent of the services being requested.

Temporary accounts are established for customers requesting services for a particular event, or an event that may be held once a year. These accounts will be established solely for this event and closed upon completion and fulfillment. These accounts must be paid for in advance, prior to scheduling and approval. These accounts may be subject to credit and background clearance pursuant to Departmental requirements. Temporary accounts may be issued to customers requiring services while awaiting background and credit clearance for their permanent application.

Permanent accounts are established for customers requesting recurring services, or various events held within the period of one year. These accounts will be established until necessary, determined by the customer and/or the Department. These accounts are subject to a background and credit clearance and will be reviewed annually for compliance. Payment for these accounts are in arrears upon receipt of an Off-Duty Police invoice.

Accounts more than thirty (60) days in arrears may be subject to finance charges at the maximum legal rate. Pursuant to Administrative Order IO 3-9 Accounts Receivable Adjustments, Miami-Dade County will offset amounts due to a vendor/supplier/grantee if money is owed to the County.

A permit holder may relinquish their permit on or before twenty four (24) hours from the starting time of service. Notification must be received by the Miami-Dade Police Department, Off-Duty Unit in writing via e-mail or letter twenty four (24) hours in advance. However, if not relinquished within the cancellation period, the permit holder shall be required to pay a three (3) hour minimum rate for each hiree. In addition to, any reasonable compensation for expenses incurred to provide the services authorized by the permit.

The permit holder may cancel the permit at any time. However, he or she shall be required to pay a reasonable compensation for all expenses incurred to provide service authorized by the permit. The amount of reasonable compensation will be agreed upon the issuing authority and the applicant at the time the permit is issued.

On this website you may be able to:

  • Become a registered Off-Duty customer with MDPD.
  • Submit requests for Off-Duty police services.
  • View the status of your requests.
  • Make credit card payments on line.

However, please notice that a service request submitted through this website does not guarantee confirmation of Off-Duty services. An Off-Duty Coordinator will contact you to finalize the arrangements of your request. We will need a minimum of two business days to confirm services (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

You may send your inquiries to: FNODP@mdpd.com
Or contact us at: 305-471-2513

Price Schedule for Off-Duty Services Per Hour:
POLICE CAPTAIN (Holiday Rate)  $109.50
POLICE CAPTAIN (Regular Rate)  $54.75
POLICE LIEUTENANT (Holiday Rate)  $104.00
POLICE LIEUTENANT (Regular Rate)  $52.00
POLICE OFFICER (Holiday Rate)  $93.00
POLICE OFFICER (Regular Rate)  $46.50
POLICE SERGEANT (Holiday Rate)  $98.50
POLICE SERGEANT (Regular Rate)  $49.25

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